Cryptocurrency Tax Packages

Jahn Group offers three cryptocurrency tax packages for clients to complete their tax returns and ensure their crypto is compliant with the ATO.

So, what is cryptocurrency? Read our article here.

Also, each package includes information on; How to Stake your cryptocurrency, how to earn rewards, set up your Wallet, the strengths and weaknesses of leading Exchanges.

Finally, our expert accountants provide some finer points of information on digital currencies that they have developed over many years.

If you would like to know more please contact one of our tax professionals on (08) 6477 9964 or book an appointment.

*Pricing may vary depending on the complexity of your cryptocurrency setup.

Tax & Crypto Essentials

For ‘One-off’ clients who own digital currency and just need their tax return completed. We provide a crypto report, a tax return, and compliance with the ATO.

Tax & Crypto Advisory

Cryptocurrency investing or trading can be complex. Our advisors can help you navigate different exchanges, help set up wallets, advise on earning rewards or staking and advise on CGT consequences of Cryptocurrency investing. From $99 per hour our advisors are ready to help.

Tax & Crypto Premium

Starting from $49/month*, we complete your tax return, monitor your tax and digital currencies.We advise of unrealized losses, setup regular reporting (sent to you) using our CryptoTax software, provide tax planning and more