Managing your accounting services reguarly

Why should you take advantage of our quarterly accounting service? Here are just a few reasons…

  • Every little detail matters to Jahn Group. We ensure every clients money is accounted for
  • Jahn Group works with clients from all industries.
  • From small to large, we work with individuals, retirees, construction, businesses, all the way to corporate.
  • Jahn Group easily and efficiently facilitates any businesses requirements.

See our key points on the difference!

Saves you time

You don’t have to worry about preparing your BAS and calculating your GST, PAYG and other taxation liabilities.

Quarterly Reporting

You will be supplied with financial reports each quarter that show your financial position and performance so you can easily determine your taxation liabilities and know exactly what you owe to the ATO.


The price is from $300+GST per quarter and works out to be not much more than your annual accounting fee prepared in the traditional way.

Fixed Price

The fee includes preparation of all your accounting and taxation needs.

Business Development

We will have a better understanding of your business and be able

to make recommendations on the following:

  • Help you GROW your business & wealth
  • Help you improve your PROFITABLIITY
  • Help you improve your CASHFLOW
  • Help you PROTECT your assets
  • Help you SELL OR TRANSITION your business


Each month your bank will send an electronic copy of your bank statement directly into our accounting system for easy processing. You do not have to worry about sending bank statements or a shoebox full of receipts.

Regular Communication

Rather than speaking to us once per year about your financial situation we will be communicating each quarter which will involve discussing your tax position, tax planning for the year ahead and taking advantage of any new tax law changes that may arise.